Driver Exchange Program - Freight Operator Offering Driver
The Covid-19 pandemic has created imbalances in the road transport industry that has resulted in some sectors of the industry experiencing high demand, while other sectors are experiencing low demand. To facilitate the spread of driver resources across the road transport industry, the Freight and Logistics Council of WA in conjunction with Western Roads Federation, with the support of Main Roads Western Australia, is working to connect the temporary transfer of drivers between companies. The program will allow transport companies to temporarily exchange drivers, where the driver will take leave without pay with the parent company to be employed on a casual basis with the host company. Once the casual employment has ceased with the host company, the driver will then return to the parent company.
The purpose of the form below is to allow transport operators to offer their drivers to other companies to employ on a casual basis
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Note that when you submit this form, you are agreeing that the information entered may be shared with the Freight and Logistics Council WA, Western Roads Federation and a Labour Hire provider.