Red Shed Malting
Red Shed Malting is a 4th generation family farm that combines the Hamill parents’ love of agriculture with the Hamill sons love of craft beer. They’re focused on supporting our community, and crafting Canadian, sustainable, and traceable malts in one of the best malt growing regions in Canada. They work hard on the farm and in the malthouse to ensure their quality extends from the best seed, to the best malt, to the best beverage in your glass!
Red Shed Malting is a Canadian specialty malting company with a passion for bringing local, sustainable, traceable craft malts to the brewing and distilling industries. All of their malts are traceable to the year, farm, field, and variety grown. This traceability is important to consumers and can be shared by brewers and distillers. They take pride in creating premium quality malts from grains grown sustainably on their family owned farm and other local farms. Red Shed specialty malts are roasted for optimal flavour and aroma to provide the freshest option for an all Canadian malt bill!

Amber Malt 

Red Shed's freshly roasted amber is a versatile malt that adds depth and colour to hop forward beers. Brewers also use it to increase complexity and add a nutty flavour to their malt forward creations. Amber makes a great substitution for caramel malts when you are after less sweetness in your beer.
  • Suggested Use: Commons, milds, bitters, amber, brown, stout, porter, saison, aged beers
  • Flavour: Peanut butter, pistachio, almond, toasty, woody
  • Colour: Ruby brown (40-60 srm)
  • Moisture: 4.0%
  • Extract: 80
Biscuit Malt 

Red Shed's drum roasted biscuit malt boasts aromas that are familiar to a hearty farm breakfast: biscuit, bread, cereal with just the right amount of sweetness. Biscuit can be added at twenty five percent or more of the total malt bill and is versatile enough to be included in almost any style of beer.
  • Suggested Use: Pale ale, IPA, brown, English ales, dark ales
  • Flavour: Bread, biscuit, cheerios, graham cracker, toasty, black tea, honey
  • Colour: Golden copper (13-22 srm)
  • Moisture: 4.0%
  • Extract: 78-82
Chocolate Malt 

The Western Canadian solution for your brown ales, porters and stouts. Red Shed's roasting process adds chocolate and coffee attributes to the malt that comes through nicely when brewed.
  • Suggested Use: Brown ale, porter, stout, dark ales
  • Flavour: Coffee, cocoa, dark chocolate
  • Colour: Dark rich brown (250-350 srm)
  • Moisture: 4.0%
Red Shed malts are available from Country Malt Group in 22.7kg (50lb) bags.

Amber: RS-AMBR
Biscuit: RS-BISC
Chocolate: RS-CHOC