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* DairyNZ Maori Farming Project

A database of Maori owned/operated dairy farms, managed by DairyNZ, Primary ITO and The Federation of Maori Authorities, is being collated for the overall benefit of Maori dairy farming.

A Mãori farm is identified as:

  1. Farms owned by land owners that are administered by a structure under Te Ture Whenua Mãori Land Act, 1993

  2. Farms actively managed by Mãori; includes entities like iwi authorities and post settlement entities (farms could be on Mãori and or general land).


Industry good use of farm information

By registering you agree that DairyBase can use your information for the compilation and publication of national and regional trends (e.g. DairyNZ Economic Survey), and that your information can be included in data sets extracted for approved New Zealand dairy industry research and development projects. The farms contained in these extracts are anonymous and do not contain any identifying information.


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