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I/We Require InterBase Licenses at the special holiday price of $158 +GST per license.*
I/We agree to purchase InterBase Software Assurance for $63.20 +GST per license per annum. I understand that this entitles us to free upgrades as and when they are released.
I/We already have with Software Assurance and wish to upgrade to the latest version of InterBase
I/We understand an InterBase license is required for the Server and each PC that Medtech32 is installed on.

To facilitate this process please complete the following steps: 

1. Within Medtech32 select the “Help / Register” option on the Menu Bar. This will display your registration details which our team requires in order to process your request. Then click “Print” 

2. Rather than printing the screen choose the option - Save to PDF (This will only work if you have a PDF printer enabled). Alternatively - Take a screen shot of the licensing details.

Attach either document to this form using the Add Attachment field below and press the submit button.

If you require any assistance, please click here to be redirected to our support page to send an email or use the chat function at the bottom-left of this window for live support.
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