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About Carer Meetup

Carers NSW runs an online (video) drop-in centre for carers across New South Wales. Carer Meetup provides a safe and supportive space for carers to connect with others and share their experiences. Please note that our sessions are not intended to be a counselling or crisis support service but a space for group discussion and sharing. If you need individual support, we can provide you with information on the one-to-one services available. We invite all carers to join us to connect, learn, and support one another.

This hangout is open to:

  • Carers 

Locations and dates    

  • Online     Mondays  2:00pm-3:30pm

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*The term culturally and linguistically diverse is commonly used to describe the diversity of language, religion, culture and ethnicity of people living in Australia. While it can be considered that every person is culturally and linguistically diverse, the term is generally used to refer to people from a non-English speaking background (NESB).