Small Business Back on Track Survey - North and North West Qld Monsoon Floods Jan 2019 (1/2)

We are inviting disaster impacted small business owners to complete a survey to provide us with first hand feedback on how you are going. The survey takes approximately half an hour to complete and asks questions about your business's recovery, resilience and Small Business Recovery Centre assistance.

Any information will support us to assist small businesses and prioritise further activations under the joint Commonwealth and Queensland Government Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

All information provided is confidential.

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13. What services are you interested in? (choose all that apply)
Rental tenancy/Landlord communications
Financial/government assistance
Business mentoring support
If other please provide details


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15. Industry
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Business size

18. How many people are employed in your business?*

If you don't have any employees, please enter zero (0).

19. Do you have more than 20 Full Time Equivalent employees?*

Calculating Full Time Equivalent Employees

Full time work is 35 hours per week or more. If your business has casual or part time workers, calculate the number of hours worked by these employees and divide that total by 35 to determine full time equivalents.

For example, 3 casual employees working 12 hours per week - totalling 36 hours per week, equates to one full time employee.



I authorise DESBT to provide my details to third parties to provide me with tailored information and support.

The information in this survey will assist the State Government to provide better services to the community to promote recovery from the natural disaster.

Information will be retained on the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT) Customer Relationships Management (CRM) database so that we can contact you in the future to advise you of new issues or offers you may be interested in and to assist us to provide better services to you.

You may opt-out of any contact we initiate with you at any stage. Go to to learn more about privacy and our CRM and the Business Queensland website. We may also share your information with other Queensland Government departments to enable further services to you related to small business activities. Your information will not be disclosed for any other purpose unless you consent or it is authorised or required by law. For more privacy information go to